July 7, 2008

Celebration V news

This article popped up online recently - it's looking like were going to see a Star Wars Celebration on the east coast, which is really good news, especially for the New England, Connecticut, Excelsior, Carida, Old Line, Ohio, Carolina and other east coast garrisons:

May the force be with Baltimore: City vying to host 'Star Wars' expo
Baltimore Business Journal - by Julekha Dash Staff

Baltimore has a shot of snagging a "Star Wars" fan convention that would rank among the city's largest gatherings, drawing as many as 35,000.

Lucasfilm Ltd., creator of the "Star Wars" series, is eyeing Baltimore for a four-day convention to be held either spring 2009 or spring 2010. Winning the convention would boost Baltimore's tourism business because of its size and media attention surrounding "Star Wars," one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons, local tourism experts said.

"It would be a great coup for Baltimore," said Melissa "Missy" Geppi-Bowersox, executive vice president of Geppi's Entertainment Museum. The Camden Yards pop culture museum houses many "Star Wars" collectibles and is expected to draw attendees from the convention. "We're talking about generations upon generations who loved the movies," Geppi-Bowersox said.

Baltimore is competing with Minneapolis, Chicago, Indianapolis and Orlando, Fla., for the fan gathering to be known as Celebration V, said Steve Sansweet, director of content management and head of fan relations for Lucasfilm.


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