July 7, 2008

Montpelier 3rd of July Parade

Members of the New England Garrison joined forces with the Vermont Cardboard Technical Institute and Kellogg-Hubbard Library for Montpelier's annual Independence Day Parade on July 3rd. Four troopers, plus four additional helpers were able to make the event, which featured the VCI's AT-AT walker. Troopers escorted the walker down the parade route to applause and enthusiastic grins from parade watchers. We posed for photos along the route, which was ideal - just over a mile, all flat.
In attendance was Andrew Liptak (TK-3220), Mike Anton (TK-2084 - His first official Troop), Brian Anderson (BH-7602) and Jodi Anderson (TA-7529), along with Recruit Hayes Johnson and two of his friends, and Keelia Liptak, who served as photographer and wrangler.

Group Shot

Walker in Action (Hayes in front)

My sister and I

Jodi and the Walker

Me and the Walker





Overall, a very, very fun troop. It wasn't too hot, the rain that we had all day cleared off and we ended up having dinner at my place afterwards. Can't wait for the next troop with this walker!

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