July 7, 2008

Clone Wars Novelization Cover and Updates!

Theforce.net has posted up this cover for the upcoming Clone Wars novelization:

And, Karen has posted up this news about the book, which is apparently a 5 book series. Can you hear squealing? Yeah, that's me.

NEWS - new series, new books, new covers

Yes, there is a NEW SERIES out this month, and judging by the mail I'm getting, folks don't seem to realise what it is. There's a NEW FIVE-BOOK STAR WARS SERIES for adult readers based on the Clone Wars movie and TV cartoon show, and I'm writing three of them. But because the movie and the TV show are for the youngsters, and I write adult fiction, then you can deduce that the novels will show you stuff you won't see on screen. (This is separate from the young adult books that are also being published. ) With me so far? Good.

CLONE WARS, the hardcover based on the movie - loosely based, so no griping that it's different, please, because that's the whole point - is out on July 26. Full of the gritty, off-message, character-testing, question-raising, grey-area, military-oriented stuff you've come to expect from me. And clones. Plenty of clones. And familiar characters from the movies that you won't see quite the same way ever again.

My good buddy Karen Miller is writing the other two novels. She doesn't write predictable, lightweight stuff either, so stand by for a challenging series that will make you take another fresh look at the Clone Wars.

I'll be pimping the books at Comic Con in San Diego, July 24 - 27, with a short book tour immediately afterwards. I'll post cities and dates when they're all confirmed.

YAY! Can't wait to read them. Or this one. First book is out July 26th.

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