May 12, 2008

Singapore Garrison In the News

The Singapore Garrison made the news again with this article:

Scene with...
By Mindy Tan
May 10, 2008

The Austrian sterling silver jewellery specialist launched his new 'Take Me Higher' collection in science-fiction fashion, atop the 71st-storey New Asia Bar two weeks ago. The entrance to the club was a walk through a tunnel, padded to resemble a starship. The interior was filled with tin toy robots and swirling blue psychedelic lights.

PR director Jansen Siak pointed to an ice sculpture of a Nasa rocket placed amid a table of sashimi. Then, the very quirky Mr Sabo with white curls, put his head out of the club's upper floor deck to greet guests, waving shyly. But not quite seeking Rapunzel-style attention. The man quickly sat down, disappearing from sight after emcee Denise Keller introduced him. Mr Sabo's models wore sets of charms and froze like mannequins on a rotating pedestal.

They made jewellery look like toys. When the jewellery presentation ended, a group of Star Wars Storm Troopers marched in. They were from the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison, a costume club formed by fans of George Lucas' sci-fi masterpiece.

That wowed the crowd. Some shrieked and others continued to giggle as Mr Sabo presented a $10,000 cheque to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

I waved to one Storm Trooper, asking: 'Is it hot in those costumes?' He was supposed to respond with his official reply: 'Like the planet Tatooine in summertime.' Instead, he said 'hello' in an unmistakable Singlish accent.


$10,000 is a lot of money. Way to go guys!

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