July 24, 2008

Events Report Update

The events report is going to be delayed again, because of some personal and work related problems that I've had. I'm adding on a second member of the Events Tracking/Reporting team, Mike Anton, TK-2084, also of the New England Garrison.
Over the past couple of months, this list has really grown, and it's getting to be a two person job. Mike's agreed to step up and help me out, and hopefully, we'll be back to normal tracking events and the like. Currently, we're pulling events from 46 different websites and forums, not to mention the e-mails and things like that.
There's still a number of websites that we can't get information from, but just for reference, here is who we do pull from:

70th Explorers
Alabama Garrison
Alpine Garrison
Bloodfin Garrison
Brazil Outpost
Canadian Garrison
Capitol City Squad
Carolina Garrison
Central California Garrison
Cloud City Garrison
Dune Sea Garrison
Dutch Outpost
Empire City Garrison
Florida Garrison
French Garrison
Garrison Carida
Garrison Excelsior
Garrison Titan
Garrison Tyranus
Georgia Garrison
German Garrison
Golden Gate Garrison
Great Lakes Garrison
Hungarian Outpost
Imperial 80th Squad
Italian Garrison
Japanese Garrison
Mexican Garrison
Midsouth Garrison
Midwest Garrison
Mississippi Outpost
Mountain Garrison
New England Garrison
Nordic Garrison
Northeast Remnant
Ohio Garrison
Old Line Garrison
Outpost 42
Pacific Outpost
Philippines Outpost
Polish Outpost
Portuguese Outpost
Southern California Garrison
Swiss Garrison
Terror Australis Garrison
United Kingdom Garrison

It's a long list, and it'll likely grow a bit. But, it's a fun project, and we'll be continuing it!

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