May 14, 2008

Upcoming Events

Wow, things just got busy all of a sudden. This weekend, on Sunday, I've been planning on attending the Granite City Comic Con, in Manchester New Hampshire. It's a pretty small event, with probably 10-15 troopers attending, along with our Jabba the Hutt puppet. Should be fun.

Last night, while flipping through channels, I stopped on the news, where they mentioned an upcoming event, the Burlington Kid's Day, which is in it's 23rd year. Even better, the theme this year was Kids In Outer Space, which practically screams 501st. Check with our guys, there's some interest, check with the organizers, they'd like us to come, so two events this weekend.

And after that, next week, I'm headed down to New York City, to see my brother Dan play in a concert at Carnegie Hall, but because we're getting there early in the day, I'm going to try and pack my armor along and troop with the Empire City Garrison as there's the Movie and TV World Convention that day! Woo!

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