May 13, 2008

Heart of an Empire to be released this Year!

I just got an e-mail last night stating some of the best news that I've heard in a long time: Heart of an Empire will be released to theaters and DVD this year.

Good news: We're getting a two disc DVD, with the documentary and special features, which are being worked up.
Bad News: The first people to get this will be the Australians, with a Zone 4 DVD, and two charity screenings.

The Documentary will be coming this September in Australia, although by all reports, they are working on a US release (Although I suspect that we will be seeing a lot of ordering of the Zone 4 and overseas shipping to the United States). Apparently, they are also working on an iTunes download sometime soon.

Heart of an Empire, for those of you not aware, is the now upcoming documentary of the story of the 501st, which has been in a sort of production limbo from the filming stages.

It sounds like we'll more news in the new future, and hopefully, that'll mean that we'll get some concrete dates coming out way shortly.

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