May 28, 2008

A Statue for Darth Vader?

This looks interesting:

08:41 - 28 May 2008
The actor who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars films has visited Bristol to back a campaign to erect a permanent statue of Darth Vader in Broadmead.

Peter Mayhew, who starred as Han Solo's furry sidekick, visited the collectibles shop in Knowle which started the campaign to add his pledge of support.

Matthew Savage, who runs Moss in Wells Road, says it would be fitting to put up a statue of the Star Wars baddie because he was played by Bristolian Dave Prowse.

Mr Mayhew, who used to live in London but now lives in Texas, said: "Bristol is part of history, part of a living legend.

"Every city where an actor is from that has played a significant character in a film should have a statue like this. It is part of that city's heritage."

Mr Mayhew was joined by Star Wars re-enactors from the 501st UK Garrison of stormtroopers, who appear as the feared galactic villains at sci-fi events across the country.

Mr Savage believes the statue could be installed as part of the £11 million work to upgrade Broadmead ahead of the opening of Cabot Circus.

He said: "It is wonderful to get this support. I'm staggered by all the people supporting us - people are getting in touch from all over the world."

He says a statue of a famous character would help to bridge the gap between the £500m Cabot Circus shopping centre, due to open in September, and the old Broadmead.

He has sent details of his idea to Broadmead manager John Hirst.

Apparently, there is a campaign for a Darth Vader Statue over there in Bristol. More details here.

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