March 11, 2008

NEG @ The Vermont State House Tomorrow Night

Well, more like NEG-Me. Tomorrow night, the Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing a Medley of songs from The Empire Strikes Back, which sounds pretty good thus far. It's a small trooping event, as they're only playing the one song, but it'll be good to get out and test out the armor before St. Pats, especially with some of the modifications that I made to my armor. (More on that in a moment)

The Orchestra will be playing at the Vermont State House for Farmer's Night, something that the legislators put on every week, and have a bunch of other songs that they'll be playing. I know that the Star Spangled Banner will be played, as well as a couple of others that I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm not sure what the order will be.

While getting ready for the concert and the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston, I've been prepping my armor. Thus far I've:

  • Cleaned sections, gotten rid of gunk that's built up.
  • Reinforced thigh seams with super glue that was coming apart
  • Replaced Velcro for the sniper plate (hopefully it won't now come off like it did)
  • Found Drop Boxes, added Velcro tabs to hold them in place
  • Replaced side Velcro - I've since misplaced one of the elastic/Velcro straps, so a temporary one is now in place to hold the chest and back plates better together.
  • Put on Holster and gun (won't be forgetting it this time around)
  • Found Camel back for under the armor while marching
Finally, it's looking better than ever.

Hopefully after this week, once I get paid, I'll be getting a helmet electronics kit, by - they have an assembly that I've seen before that has both fans for the helmet and a microphone/amplifier for around $100, which will be well worth it. I'm also going to look into getting a kit to upgrade my Kenner blaster to look better. Plus, it really needs a paint job.

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