March 13, 2008

Mission Report: Vermont Philharmonic Concert @ The VT State House or: Imperial Troopers have Entered The State House!

Tonight was the first official Vermont event, at a concert at the Vermont State House. Unfortunately, because this event was somewhat short notice, and because Vermont is pretty remote, I was the one representing the New England Garrison.

The reason I was present was because the VPO was to play a medley of songs from The Empire Strikes Back. The song was towards the end of the program, which included a number of other songs (Insert the other titles here)

The Empire Strikes Back Medley included The Rebel Fleet/ End Titles, Yoda's Theme, Betrayal at Bespin, and of course, Imperial March.

While the first parts of the song played, I waited in the doorway, and entered during the first bars and walked up the walk-way to the conductor, where I remained for the rest of the song, attempting to conduct for part of it, when Conductor Lou Kosma handed me a baton-type thing.

The crowd really liked it - I think there was some applause when I came in. I waited around in the hallway outside the entrance until the concert ended, and stood for some pictures afterwards. There were a lot of comments and glee from the concert-goers, all of whom were much older than most of the crowds that I've seen with the 501st. I think the funniest comment was that someone expected me to be our governor, Jim Douglas, when I took my helmet off.

The orchestra was also fairly surprised, as they didn't know that I'd be coming out. The conductor was also unaware that I'd have the full suit. Needless to say, they were all very thrilled.

Overall, an enjoyable night!

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