August 1, 2008

Event Report: Gaming Event @ The Fletcher Free Library

This was a very low-key event on the part of the Fletcher Free Library that Mike and I attended. We both arrived around 1:30, where a number of gaming consoles had been set up, and several kids had arrived to play games against one another.

We suited up and mingled with the children from about 2-3:45 or so, even playing against them a couple of times, and answering their questions about the Empire. Overall, it was a fun event, because the handful of kids there were really happy to see us, which is my primary motivation for this. Hopefully, it will serve as a jumping point for future events with the library.

I had a couple problems with my armor - putting on a shin, I heard a loud CRACK, and the glue split, which wasn't a good sound - I thought that I'd broken the entire part, which thankfully wasn't the case. I also had a couple of snaps separate, but I bought some glue to fix that problem. Yay for White Duct Tape.

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