July 9, 2008

Upcoming Book Releases

This is mainly to keep things straight in my head...

July 26 - The Clone Wars, Karen Traviss (HC)
August 19 - The Force Unleashed, Sean Williams (HC)
August 26 - Coruscant Nights, Michael Reaves (PB)
September 16 - Order 66, Karen Traviss (HC)
October 21,
Millennium Falcon, James Luceno
November 18 - Star Wars Encyclopedia, Stephen Sansweet (HC)
November 25 - Untitled Clone Wars Novel, Karen Miller, (PB)
December 30 - Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, Matthew Stover (HC)
January 27 - Patterns of the Force, Michael Reaves (PB)
March 24 - Fate of the Jedi, Aaron Allston (HC)

Of these, I'm guessing that we'll see book tours for Karen Traviss and Matthew Stover.

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