July 26, 2008

Mission Report: Williston Toys R Us Midnight Toy Release

The Vermont contingent of the New England Garrison turned out in its biggest gathering on Friday night at the Williston, Vermont Toys R Us to participate in their midnight Clone Wars toy release. The event saw three troopers, Andrew Liptak, Mike Anton and David Willard, appear, as TKs, to mingle with the small crowd of people who had waited in line for the opening. We also had three helpers, Stephen, Hayes and Ashley as wranglers, who took a number of pictures and helped us out when needed.
It was a small turnout for the store, but by 11:00, a small line had formed, and several people trickled in afterward, while we patrolled the aisles and posed for pictures. The store employees were thrilled to have us, and overall, it was a good, low-key event.
This was the first chance that I had to debut my upgraded armor, which worked fairly well - I had a couple of problems with my sniperplate, but for the most part, the glued sections worked well - I need to work on my shins, because I glued the parts on backwards.

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