June 3, 2008

Weekend Troop: Hallmark Strides for Health

On Sunday, I participated, along with seven others, in the Hallmark Strides for Health for a couple hours. It was a very low-key event, one that we had a limited participation in. The event was a walk put on by a company that one of our members works at, with a two and five mile walk, for which we mingled with the participants and provided general entertainment.

I arrived around 8:40 or so, with most everyone already there. We got suited up, posed for a couple pictures and cheered on some of the walkers. After that, we went out for lunch, which was a lot of fun.

Overall, I think this was more of an excuse to put the armor on and hang out with one another. We had a very limited participation, and for the most part, it's not really one of the events that I'm terribly fond of. I like doing things with a fairly clear purpose - I think I would have much rather participated in the walk, than cheer on the walkers - while it was fun to get suited up like it generally is, I asked myself a couple times what several other people asked us - what does Star Wars have to do with a Stride for Health. I'd much rather participate and demonstrate a sort of civic responsibility and volunteerism than essentially just sit around. I think this was in part due to a lack of organization on the part of the organizers, which had been noted.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed going out and being with the other members of my garrison - I wish that we could do this sort of thing more often, but I'll take events as we get them, and there are certainly other things that we could do that would be worse. In any case, it was well worth it to see people face to face.

So, overall, not one of my top ten troops out there. But, it was a troop, and it's always entertaining and fun.

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