June 19, 2008

MR Helmet Stripes

Last night, I made the last external modifications to my MR bucket. As I've mentioned a couple of times now, there are several changed that need to be made to make this already cool helmet better.

Caulk Seam
Replace Lenses

Replace Stripes
Screws (I'm not going to do this with this helmet)

The stripes in question are the vents on the side of each helmet. The MR bucket's stripes are too dark and a little too small. Thus, they need to either be repainted or have decals applied. Fortunately, there's some reasonable and cheap decals out there. I've since purchased a couple of these for people who've also recently gotten the helmet.

I found that I didn't even need to take the old stripes off. These new ones covered it nicely. The decals that I purchased could probably be applied as a stripe, but my experience with that has been iffy, and my FX helmet really shows as the stripes are pretty lopsided. So, I removed the backing and applied each decal individually, over each pre-existing stripe to get the proper placement and orientation. It took me about a half hour in all, very quick and painless, and my helmet is now, for all in tents and purposes, done.

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