June 27, 2008

501stCast: Episode 18: June 26, 2008: Jumpin’ in with Both Feet

Jumpin’ Joe Stevenson joins the 501stCast crew as we report the latest news on R2-KT, Honorary Member Katie Cook, Celebration Japan, and other 501st events around the world. The Rebel Legion also returns to give us a progress report on the RFT costume, and we conclude our exclusive interview with Gerald Home.

Show Notes: Episode XVIII (June 26, 2008)

Hosts: Dean Plantamura (TK-899), Varza (DZ-8772) and Jumpin’ Joe Stevenson (TK-6064)

Post-Production: Dean Plantamura (TK-899) and Lor (TK-7883)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Dean Plantamura (TK-899)

Contributors: Andrew Liptak (TK-3220), Burr Martin (TD-9993), Chris Richards (TK-1073), Adam Scott (RC-6124), Bob Gouveia (BH-1171), Matt Hoffman and Chris Baker

Recent News

Honorary Member Interview with Gerald Home (part 2 of 2) (SWORA website)

Mission Reports

Rebel Legion Segment

Upcoming Events


  • Trooper Websites: TK-8541 - Faithful Servant of the Empire
  • Contest/Giveaway - win an exclusive patch!
  • Honorary Member Birthday Wishes

    • Steve Sansweet (June 14th)

    • C. Andrew Nelson (June 22nd)

    • David Prowse (July 1st)

    • William Hootkins (July 5th)

    • Bruce Boa (July 10th)

  • 501stCast MiniCasts - Detachment Briefing and Stump the Trooper

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