May 5, 2008

Mission Report : Free Comic Book Day, Earth Prime Comics

On Saturday, I went and trooped at Earth Prime Comics up on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont, where I helped hand out fliers on the market street and mingled with patrons in the store. I was joined by two wranglers, Frank (Vader1130) and my friend Stuart, from college. Another member was supposed to show up, but I think that he ended up trooping at Hero's Kingdom, up in St. Albans, according to a patron. Frank broke out his ESB Han Solo costume, and we went up and down the merchant street five or six times, handing out fliers and posing for pictures up and down the street. It was a pretty cool and damp day, but we had a great turnout in the store, according to Ethan, the store's manager. He said that most likely because we were out walking about, and because of that, they had a number of people enter the store who might not have otherwise attended. Interestingly, the director of the recently created documentary, Nerdcore Rising stopped in the store. (Nerdcore is a genre of music, essentially Geek Hiphop/Rap, and features Honorary Member Weird Al and Friend of the Legion mc chris) A photographer from the Burlington Free Press also stopped by and took a bunch of pictures of me and some of the patrons. Hopefully they'll put the pictures up online. Sunday's paper didn't have any article on the event, but I'll keep checking.
On our first couple runs up and down the street, we handed out the free Clone miniature that they were giving out for the day, and the kids and parents who we handed it out to LOVED it, especially coming from a Storm Trooper or a Han Solo. They gave me one to have, which is really cool!
Earth Prime has agreed to donated $50 a charity of our choice, and they allowed us to put out a donation pot at check out, where we earned a further $17.74 over the course of the day. They've also agreed to keep the pot open, which has our logo on it, and we'll continually monitor that. Earthprime and Quarterstaff are really eager to help us out with things like this, and they were absolutely thrilled to have us, and I believe that we'll be welcomed back next year.
We also had a bunch of people who were interested in joining up - I handed out our website address to several people who were interested, and hopefully this will help eventually bring up our Vermont numbers a bit. One kid actually had an MR Helmet, and his friend had a Fett helmet that they made from cardboard that looked absolutely fantastic - I thought that it was fiberglass or plastic or something along those lines. He's apparently already looked into an FX Lite Kit.
Overall, very fun day, I'm looking forwards to doing something with them again, and I'm looking forwards to the next up here in Vermont!

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