May 19, 2008

Last Week's Flickr Picks

I was sick last Friday and left work early, but here's the pictures from last week on Flickr:

Clone Trooper from the Aurora Boraelis Outpost:

Two Black and White pictures from the Polish Outpost:

UK Garrison Troopers in Bristol:

California Spring Fair:

Vader @ Cartoonomics:
Troopers at Centro Jerez:

Connecticut Garrison:

Trooper Crowd Surfing at Dragon*Con:

Several pictures of Garrison Titan from the Emerald City Comic Con:

Ken Tarleton (the Elvis Trooper):

Troopers at Four Color Comics:

Unknown Free Comic Book Day:

Freemont Free Comic Book Day:

I just found this one hilarious:

Trooper from the Florida Garrison ready for Summer:

The Alabama Garrison at the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra:

A couple random troopers:

Lancaster Make a Wish:

London Troopers:

UK Trooper with TK 119:

TAG Trooper:
Mini Golf Troop:

MGM Trooper:

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