May 28, 2008

Katie Cook - Honorary Member

At Motor City Comic Con, artist Katie Cook was presented with an honorary membership to the Legion. I just came across this on her blog:

the highlight of the convention, for me, was saturday afternoon. i made my way to the 501st booth where i was going sit for a bit and do free star wars sketches. before i even sat down, i was told to stand aside and was surprised with a plaque and a name tag officially inducing me as an honorary member of the 501st.


i was VERY surprised. i'm so insanely thrilled about this that i'm not sure i can put it into words without sounding like a) an idiot and b) a giant nerd.

to the 501st, thank you SO much. i'll be sending out some individual e-mails to a few of you... but i just wanted to give a huge "THANKS!" to you all now. i love the 501st and all the good things that you guys do for charities, your communities, children and the star wars fandom.

Her full blog entry is here.

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