May 5, 2008

Costa Rican Outpost in the News!

The Costa Rican Outpost was recently featured in the news:

Ticos seguidores de Star Wars

Una pasión que va más allá de los lí­mites del espacio o de la vida cotidiana

Su afición por el mundo mostrado en los seis episodios de Star Wars los hizo darse cuenta de que tení­an que traer a la realidad la vida de la galaxia.

Primero hubo sólo unos pocos, pero con el tiempo fueron más los que descubrieron que aunque estaban fí­sicamente en la Tierra, alguna parte de ellos pertenecí­a al resto del universo.

Esa perspectiva comenzó como un fenómeno que se propagó por varios paí­ses del mundo hasta que el año pasado se oficializó en Costa Rica, con la presencia de un grupo consolidado de starwarianos ticos. Ellos se autodenominan así­.

Full Article in Spanish

English Translation (Done via Babel Fish, so it might be inaccurate):

Ticos following of Star Wars
A passion that goes beyond the lí­mites of the space or the daily life

Its liking by the world shown in the six episodes of Star Wars made realize them of which tení­an that to bring to the reality the life of the galaxy.

First it had just a few, but with time they were plus that discovered that although they were fí­sicamente in the Earth, some part of them I belonged­to a the rest of the universe.

That perspective began like a phenomenon that propagated by several paí­ses of the world until the last year was made official in Costa Rica, with the presence of a consolidated group of ticos starwarianos. They autodenominan themselves thus­.

The beginning

It makes some time single I knew­an Vista, product of some coincidence in the opening of a pelí­cula or in some activity made once in a while for fans.

In the middle of this panorama Luis Diego Carazo, doctor, it thought about going beyond the possibilities that tení­to a common fan then and beginning gave to the movement to comprise of the official legion of followers around the world.

But the aspiration was not nothing simple, because so that desire consolidated I required­to the authorization of the located central commando in the United States. This implied to be carrying proprietor and of a suit of professional quality of the personages of the pelí­cula and to send a detailed series of­fotografí ace that corroborated the fulfillment of the established thing.

Carazo carried out all the process and thus­ the tica legion began, to which soon other were added that I shared­an its pleasure.


So and as he happened in the great screen, the ticos starwarianos divided themselves in two sides.

Of a side they were that representarí­an to the Legion 501, that reunites to the evil personages of the pelí­cula. On the other hand the Rebellious Legion arose, that is the answer to the birth of the imperial representation (legion 501) and is the group of the good ones.

But far from the rivalry that demands their papers, both games conform a single group that unites to 13 young people who share their affinity.

Part of the Legion

Beyond knowing the pelí­culas memory and collecting figures, comics and books of the series, they have interiorizado the story of the saga in their daily life.

They stay in contact with followers of other paí­ses and make a constant product search that them can divulge more secrets of their favorite history.

But without a doubt the clothes are one of the most important aspects for them, reason why they invest great sums of money in the elaboration and buys of his suits, that in many cases must be engaged in of other paí­ses.

In some occasions the interpretation of the papers implies more than taste by a personage and demands an adaptation to its sica fí­appearance, as in the case of Alberto Muñoz, a computer science engineer of 29 years that it has to give to a tone gilded to his beard and hair to interpret his paper like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

With some suits the effort is greater because the use by several hours dehydrates them, or in other opportunities they must make a sacrifice to be able to use them, as Rockrose happens to him to Eduardo, of 28 years, that are lost 20 kilograms to be able to use atuendo of Jedi horseman.

Their showy suits have taken them to participate inside in activities and outside the paí­s, in where they share with the public although he is less becoming fond of than they to Star Wars. They assure that the children always request fotografí to them­ace.

Far from receiving money (what he is prohibited by the central commando), the followers of the saga have another intention, to feel satisfied to cause a smile and to enjoy together their great passion.

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