May 23, 2008

501st Caught on Camera

Here's the pictures from the past week on flickr:

The 2008 Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco:

Trooper at ACEN:

Rebels are found and promptly arrested:

Troopers in Brazil:

Garrison Carida at a book festival:

Garrison Titan at Emerald City CC:

Garrison Excelsior Trooper at a Toys R Us:

Troopers in Fredricksburg for a Relay for Life:

Long line of troopers:

UFO Festival Parade in Oregon (Cloud City?):

Line of Troopers at a Memorabilia show:

Trooper at Motor City Comic Con:

Me at Granite City Comic Con (When Fanfic goes bad):

TD at the Philadelphia Book Festival:

Southern California troopers:

Garrison Tyranus at a Relay for Life:

UNM Hospital Visit:

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