April 25, 2008

New Book Covers!

A couple of our honorary members are publishing new Star Wars books!

This summer, Karen Traviss's latest, Order 66, will be released as a hardcover, due out this September, 9-16-2008. No plot has been released yet, but expect Clones, clones and more clones. And oh yeah, some Mandalorians and quite possibly some dead Jedi. This is one sick cover.

Next up is Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Looks like it's a bit in the older style of Star Wars books, and it's by Matthew Stover, who's an absolutely fantastic author. This book's out in Hardcover on October 21st.

Finally, after something like 10 years, we're getting a second Star Wars Encyclopedia. This time, it's two volumes, and is written by Stephen Stansweet and Pablo Hidalgo. This one's due to be released on November 4th at $75. I can't wait.

Which one are you looking forwards to the most?

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