April 27, 2008

Mission Report: Vermont Maple Fest

Vermont had its third event this past weekend, a quick trooping at the Vermont Maple Fest in Northern Vermont, in St. Albans. I learned that Jerry was trooping at the event, and I drove up to help him out. The event is a three day event, culminating in a parade. The two of us, along with Jerry's wife, walked among the crowd, shaking hands and posing for pictures. (Those will be coming soon, I hope). We based ourselves out of the town's gaming store, Heroes Kingdom, which was handy when we needed to take a break.
People really liked us. We didn't march in the parade, but when we were out and about, it was a fun time, although next time, I think I'd like an additional wrangler, because there were some kids who were a little annoying at times. I had one come up and crash into me for a hug, and our wrangler headed off a couple others who were plotting to knock us over, which thankfully didn't happen.
We were out for about 4 hours, which was plenty of time - it got hot out! We were also interviewed by a local news team, so we might end up on the evening news, I'll try and watch tonight and get it tapped it that's the case.
Overall, a fun time, lot of little kids who were really ecstatic to see us (some scared). This is probably something to try and do again next year, hopefully we'll get some people up, or maybe some of the Canadians down to help out.

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