April 9, 2008

501st on CNN 360°

CNN's 360° feature has a picture of us from the Rose Bowl parade up, and is asking for captions. Here's some of the better ones:

  • The next wave of fighters getting ready to deploy to Iraq…the stormtroopers.
  • The stormtroopers going to rescue the Olympic torch.
  • In defiance of friend Steven Spielberg, director George Lucas provided the Chinese government with additional security for the Olympic torch relay.
  • President Dick Cheney’s inaugural parade stepped off right on time today……………………..
  • The IOC decides to use storm troopers to protect the Olympic torch from being distinguished
  • After the explosion of the Death Star, the shortages of jobs led troopers to take an unorthodox approach to employment.
  • We’ll see who will stop the torch now …
  • Just keep smiling, with these flags, they’ll never guess we aren’t from their planet…
  • This is what happens when the Wookie costumes get held up at the drycleaners…
  • Stormtroopers do it in formation.
  • Two stormtroopers walk into a bar. The third one ducks.
  • Where’s Waldo
  • Reagan’s Star Wars has finally been put into action!
  • “MMM, escort torch to Bejing, do you?”
  • Comment from Yoda, Dagoba, as the Olympic Torch escorts, adorned with 100% made in China armor, transport the Olympic torch through downtown San Fran.
I bolded my favorites. You can see the rest of the responses here.

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