March 25, 2008

TK Suit Types

One of the things that I never really got when I was starting out in the Legion was the different varieties of suits out there. To recap slightly, all of our suits are made by fans. Nothing of what we make is licensed by LFL, and as one trooper put it, we're a walking, talking copyright infringement that LFL tolerates. This is why we want to stay on their good side.
I have an FX Storm Trooper suit. This is fine for me - it looks like a Storm Trooper, and the people who I'll dress up for, kids and parents, aren't likely to notice that it's not the most accurate suit out there. There's some small differences with the helmet and armor, as it's completely sculpted from scratch, not based off of the original molds. Something like 90% of the legion's storm troopers use this suit, because of it's cost, I suspect. At around $475, it's a pretty good price.

However, there's a number of other suits out there, and I found a terrific resource that shows some really good images of each suit type and how they differ from one another. I highly recommend checking it out:

Personally, I'm happy with my FX. I might go and get a new helmet someday, if I get the urge to go for something more accurate, but that's nothing that I'm planning on doing for a long time.

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