March 19, 2008

StellarCon in the News

Here's an article that just floated up to the web about StellarCon 23, which was trooped at by the Carolina Garrison:

The "other" N-word
Darth Vader goes in the middle. That's obvious.
And let's get some of his men here to his left. A stormtrooper. A clone trooper. And can we get one of those TIE pilots?
That's good.
Let's get a couple biker scouts over here, and you, the royal guardsman - that red cloak will just jump out over on Vader's right. Yes.
Back to the left now. Let's get Boba Fett and the rest of the Mandalorians over here. And you, the female Tusken, yes you.... Let's get you on the left with the Jawa - is that your daughter? So cute.... And Emperor? If you would, please.
A TIE pilot here, another Mandalorian over there. The Imperial gunner goes here.
And now... can the Imperial officers take a knee down front? You too, admiral.... Good. Now let's get the Sith lord front and center.
Oh, this is just perfect.
Cars slow down on Main Street in downtown High Point, honking horns and passengers disembark to capture the moment on their cell-phone cameras. A Randolph County ambulance cruises by; a tinny blast from its PA speaker advises, "Trust in the Force, Luke."
The members of the 501st Legion's Carolina Garrison, Star Wars fans one and all, chuckle at this one. But really, there is no Luke Skywalker here - I mean, what are they, a bunch of kids? Anyway, the 501st is a national costuming club for Star Wars villains, and Luke Skywalker was clearly a hero. Duh.
Also, the line as delivered to Luke Skywalker by the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi in the first Star Wars movie, which was actually Episode IV, came when Luke was barreling down the trench of the Death Star like he was blasting womp rats in Beggar's Canyon back home. And actually, it was two lines: "Use the Force, Luke," delivered when Luke first dove into the canyon, and then, "Luke, trust me," which he said just before Han Solo swooped in with the Millennium Falcon and took out Vader's Twin Ion Engine Advanced X-1.
Just so you know.
Probably anyone here at Stellarcon, the 32nd installment of the Triad's biggest science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming and comics convention, could tell you the same, though the crowd is not limited to Star Wars freaks. There are hundreds of RPG - or role playing game - enthusiasts, sci-fi bookworms, memorabilia collectors, movie and television fans, filkers, anime junkies, aspiring writers and artists, working writers and artists, fanboys, fangirls and, in some cases, their fankids.
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