March 20, 2008

Podcast 11 Up

Alrighty, it's a little bit late, but the latest podcast for the 501st legion is now up. Here's the show notes:

501stCast: Episode 11: March 19, 2008: icanhas501stcast?

March 20th, 2008 — Full-Length Podcast

This episode of the 501stCast is dedicated to the memory of Joe Price, TD-6117 from the 501st Florida Garrison. A big trooper with a big heart, Joe left this world on March 7th after a long struggle with health issues that rarely kept him from participating in Legion events. We will miss you, Joe. Thank you for all you’ve done for the Legion.

Show Notes: Episode XI (March 19, 2008)

Hosts: Dean Plantamura (TK-899), Rich (IC-9577) and Lor (TK-7883)

Post-Production: Rich Sigfrit (IC-9577)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Contributors: TD-0013, Burr Martin (TD-9993)

* New unit: Mississippi Outpost
* 501st Legion on
* Matt Busch’s You Can Draw Star Wars Season 2
* Exclusive interview with Honorary Member Timothy Zahn
* Ohio Garrison: Charity Lazer Tag
* Escorting George Lucas at ShoWest (LFL’s Bonnie Burton’s photos)
* Nordic Garrison: Scandanavian Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Gaming Convention
* Malaysia-Brunei Outpost: Sony PSP Cosplay Competition
* Terror Australis Garrison: One Man Star Wars Show
* New England Garrison: St. Patrick’s Day Parade (audience video)
* Central Garrison’s Imperial 80th: Star Wars Birthday Party
* MidSouth Garrison: Star Wars-themed Bar Mitzvah
* Carolina Garrison: StellarCon 23 (gallery)
* Garrison Carida: Where Science Meets Imagination & Philadelphia Phanatics
* Connecticut Garrison: St. Patrick’s Day Parade
* Public Service Announcement from TD-9993
* A Different Point of View - Episode 3
* Quick Calendar:
o UK Garrison: Indiana Jones event (March 21st-23rd)
o German Garrison: Jedi Con (March 21st-23rd)
o Garrison Carida: Philadelphia 76s game (March 22nd)
o Alpine Garrison: Winder Farms 3rd Annual Spring Fling (March 22nd)
o Garrison Tyranus: Galacticon
o Spanish Garrison: XVII Jornades de Rol i Simulació del CRUPC (March 23rd)
o UK Garrison: Eastern Newport Film Fair (March 23rd)
o Florida Garrison: Learning 4 Life Family Fun Day (March 27th)
o UK Garrison: Lite a Nite (March 28th)
o MidSouth Garrison: MidSouth Con (March 28th-30th)
o Canadian Garrison: Ad Astra (March 28th-30th)
o Ohio Garrison: Big Robots Game Café (March 29th)
o Costa Rica Outpost: Fundraiser for Club De Libros (March 29th)
o Florida Garrison: MS Walk (March 29th)
o Midwest Garrison: Blue Harbor Resort Charity Benefit (March 29th)
o Great Lakes Garrison: Grand Rapids Gryphon’s Star Wars Day (March 29th)
o Georgia Garrison: Young Astronaut’s Day at AFB (March 29th)
o Alpine Garrison: MS Walk (March 29th)
o UK Garrison: Memorabilia event (March 29th-30th)
o Garrison Carida: Steel City Con (March 29th-30th)
o Terror Australis Garrison: Cancer Council’s Relay for Life (March 29th-30th)
o Terror Australis Garrison: Super Nova (March 29th-30th)
o Georgia Garrison: Cherry Blossom Festival Parade (March 30th)
o Georgia Garrison: Screening of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (March 30th)
o Terror Australis Garrison: Run for Kids (March 30th)
o Italian Garrison: CARTOOMICS 2008 (March 30th)
* Trooper of the Month Interview: TB-3330
* Contest and Giveaway: Win autographs from Star Wars authors Zahn, Stackpole, and Allston!
* Honorary Member Birthday Wishes
o Steven Barnes (March 1st)
o Jake Lloyd (March 5th)
o Iain McCaig (March 19th)
o Julian Glover (March 27th)
* Happy 2nd Anniversaries to:
o Arma Candida Squad (German Garrison) - March 18th
o Coastal Hammer Squad (German Garrison) - March 18th
o White Shadows Squad (German Garrison) - March 18th
o Parjai Squad (Florida Garrison) - March 20th
o Dewback Ridge Squad (Mountain Garrison) - March 21st

Download it here.

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