March 14, 2008

Lucas at ShoWest in LA

George Lucas recently made a surprise appearance at ShoWest, an meeting of The National Association of Theatre Owners, one of the largest conventions for films in the industry. There, he unveiled the upcoming CloneWars film that'll be hitting theaters on August 15th, 2008. While there, Lucas was escorted by Six Storm Troopers from a couple of different Garrisons (much to the surprise to people in the legion - I don't think a whole lot of people knew about this).
There's a couple of articles that've hit the web:

Lucas surprises ShoWest with 'Wars'
Warner Bros, Universal preview summer films
'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'
Warner Bros. will roll out toon 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' on August 15.
In grand Hollywood style, George Lucas made a surprise visit to exhib confab ShoWest in Las Vegas on Thursday to sell theater owners on his upcoming animated feature "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," which Warner Bros. releases Aug. 15.
Lucas -- flanked by six stormtroopers -- was perfectly at ease in the large theater at the Paris Hotel that studios use to tout their product to theater owners attending ShoWest.
"I think it can live up to the live-action movies," Lucas said before rolling a clip of "Clone Wars," based on an animated series Lucas is producing for Warners sister cable net Cartoon Network.

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Warners talks 'Speed,' 'Knight'
Horn unveils studio's summer slate
By Gregg Kilday
March 14, 2008
... Before the program was completed, Horn welcomed Lucas back to Warners, where he directed his first feature, "THX 1138" in 1971.
Accompanied by a phalanx of "Star Wars" storm troopers -- "I never go anywhere without my army," he quipped -- Lucas introduced the animated "The Clone Wars," which fills in the events in that long-ago, far-away galaxy between Episodes Two and Three of the "Star Wars" saga.
Although the film, set for Aug. 18, began as a TV series, Lucas said he decided it really belonged on the big screen since it contains "a little bit of anime, a lot of action and it's exactly like the features, only more stylized."
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I love the quote: "I never go anywhere without my army"

More pictures here.

Nice job guys!

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