March 10, 2008

Joining the Legion

I joined the 501st three years ago after getting a suit of armor during the summer of 2003 and getting accepted in 2004.
Vermont currently has two troopers in active duty, with a third inactive member - something that I'd like to change over the next year or so. As I mentioned in an earlier message, I would like to eventually see enough members in the state to form a squad for the state, under the control of the New England Garrison. (I'm thinking the Green Mountain Squad).
In order to do that, we need an additional 8-10 extra members, plus legion council approval and things like that. The overall garrison is fantastic, we're just really, really spread out - it's sometimes a real effort to get out to events. Or to get people up to events.
Currently, I'm putting some low level recruiting things into effect. The New England Garrison has some recruiting posters that have been put up in the bigger gaming store up in Burlington Vermont, which will hopefully gain some interest, and I've spoken to several people who are interested in getting armor and joining up with the Legion. I guess we'll see.
So, if you're in Vermont, come join the Empire!

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