March 24, 2008


This article just came over google about the UK Garrison:

Once in a galaxy not so far away, a peaceful shopping square was invaded by Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers.
Frankfort Gate in Plymouth's Independent Quarter was taken over for the day by Star Wars characters, including a cloaked Tusken Raider and a green-clad Biker Scout.
Children enjoyed mixing and being photographed with their Star Wars heroes, though one or two were scared by the imposing Vader, played by 6ft 5ins tall Alex from Plymouth.
The one-day event was organised by traders in the Independent Quarter, with support from the Plymouth City Centre Company and Hospital Radio.
Julian Shelford from Toy Tardis saw customers overflowing from his shop, where part-time assistant and Luke Skywalker lookalike Sam Gardner was obviously feeling the force, describing trade in Star Wars toys as "wild and manic".
Julian said: "We invited the 501st legion, who look great in their authentic outfits and go to all the conventions.
"We are having a great day's business and are planning further events in June or July."
Keeping the crowds in order was an American cop - but his uniform was not fancy dress.
Paul Carter, 51 and from Mutley, is a friend of Julian's who used to live in the USA and was an auxiliary policeman in Rutland County, Vermont, until 1983.
Back then, he toted a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol, but never needed to fire it.
Paul said he was just pleased to fit into his uniform after 25 years.
Also enjoying the fun was six year-old Star Wars addict Jordan Moody from West Park. Jordan, accompanied by his dad, Darren Wright, said: "I have seen all of the films, but my favourite is 'Return of the Jedi'.
"I've got lots of Star Wars figures in my bedroom."
Up to 40 children also entered a Star Wars fancy dress contest.
Becky, as Princess Leia, won £50-worth of toys from Toy Tardis, Daniel as an Imperial officer won £30-worth of clothes from Casual Kids, and Matthew as Yoda won a prize worth £25 from Model Zone.
Interesting to read about the Vermont police officer in the UK. The full article is here, and has an amusing video embedded in the site.

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