March 17, 2008

501st in the News

Okay, in the aftermath of this weekend, it's not surprising that we've had a bunch of mentions in various newspapers around the country. Here's a couple to start off with:

Irish pride, goofy fun at parade brighten day

"Turns out even Darth Vader has a bit of Irish in him, "tech officer" Gary Schaeperkoetter said as other members of the 501st Legion of Star Wars Enthusiasts gathered around their float.

"Ah, well, he's half Irish," the somewhat startled Branson resident said. "And, well, not sure.""
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From the Pensacola News Journal
McGuire's 5K a colorful success
"For the 501st Storm Trooper Legion, the race was all about the costumes, food and drink. In full storm trooper garb, runner Keith Merritt finished the 5K in about an hour and 20 minutes, 10 minutes over his predicted time. But running in trooper gear wasn't the toughest obstacle for the 34-year-old. In order to use the restroom, he had to strip completely out of his costume.

Despite the cumbersome attire, Merritt said he was going to "drink everything he could get his hands on.""

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I will also be writing up my report on the Boston St. Pat's Day Parade. In a word: Awesome.

And my back hurts.

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