February 22, 2008

Podcast #9 Up

The latest 501st Podcast is now up and running! Give it a listen

Here's the shownotes from the official site:

Listen in as we discuss news, Mission Reports and upcoming events for the Fighting 501st.
Show Notes: Episode IX (February 20, 2008)
Hosts: Dean Plantamura (TK-899), Varza (DZ-8772) and Rich Sigfrit (IC-9577)
Post-Production: Rich Sigfrit (IC-9577)
Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)
Contributors: TD-0013, Burr Martin (TD-9993)

* Stump the Trooper
* Star Garrison: WIRED Photo shoot for FanBoys
* Matt Busch’s How to Draw Star Wars Season 2 (trailer) (all videos)
* Clone Wars: New costumes for 501st?
* Matthew Wood’s Academy Award nomination
* Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg (costume construction)
* Jet Wash, TI-2.5 and fellow traveling troopers (Dodger, TK-0.5)
* Congratulations Bolivia Outpost
* Stormtrooper, Yes I Am (music video)
* Mexican Garrison: Tijuana Beach clean-up
* German Garrison: Karneval Season
* Garrison Carida: Where Science Meets Imagination (video)
* Dewback Ridge Squad: Blood Drive
* Great Lakes Garrison: Richmond Winter & Ice Festival (photos)
* FanWars Garrison: Star Wars: The Exhibition
* A Different Point of View: Episode I
* French Garrison: Migennes Collector Con
* Walks, Marathons and other Fundraisers:
o UK Garrison: London Marathon - April 13th (donation pages: Steve 1, Steve 2, Ray 1, Ray 2)
o Golden Gate Garrison: Bowling for Wishes - Marth 8th (donation page)
o Florida Garrison: Walk to Cure Diabetes - March 15th (donation page)
o Star Garrison: Relay for Life - April 11th (donation page)
o Canadian Garrison’s Capital City Squad: MS Walk - April 27th (donation page)
o Mountain Garrison’s Dewback Ridge Squad: Making Strides against Breast Cancer - April 27th (donation page)
o TD-9993: Public Service Announcement (related videos)
o Quick Calendar of Events:
+ Central Garrison: Rough Riders Hockey Night (Feb 22nd)
+ Central California & Golden Gate Garrisons: WonderCon (Feb 22nd-24th)
+ MidSouth Garrison: ConNooga (Feb 22nd-24th)
+ New England Garrison: UMass Lowell Hockey Night (Feb 23rd)
+ Aurora Borealis Outpost: Fur Rendezvous Parade (Feb 23rd)
+ Southern California Garrison: Make-A-Wish event (Feb 29th)
+ Costa Rica Outpost: Odd Day Celebration (Feb 29th)
+ Southern California Garrison: Con-Dor Con
+ Garrison Excelsior: Kidz Expo (March 1st)
+ 70th Explorers Garrison: University Children’s Hospital visit (March 1st)
+ Dutch Outpost: Comic Book Convention - Evenementenhal Rijswijk (March 1st)
+ Midwest Garrison: 2nd Annual Metropolis Comic Show (March 1st-2nd)
+ Nordic Garrison: Scandanavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film Convention (March 1st-2nd)
+ German Garrison: Collector’s Fair (March 2nd)
+ New England Garrison: Acton Star Party (March 3rd)
o Contest and Giveaway: Win exclusive 501st swag!

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