February 20, 2008


This is something that I've been meaning to start for a little while now - a separate 501st blog about things in the Legion, from my perspective.
Over the past several months, I've gotten more active in the legion. I've since rebuilt my armor, redoing all of the Velcro and seams, helmet, the whole shebang. Just yesterday, I got proper TK shoes, something I haven't had before. I've also since picked up a navy flight suit for under the armor, which is long overdue, and really effective.
I'm currently assembling a set of Scout Trooper armor, which should be completed sometime this year, and I'll talk about the building process from my limited perspective.

In addition to building armor, I've also started a major project that involves the entire legion - Event Tracking / Reporting. I've been contacting and searching garrisons for their events, and every Friday, I've been reporting the events to the Garrison, and will continue to do so through here.

I'll also report on the various events and news articles that come across my plate.

Troop On!

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